You can play the original Diablo in your browser for free


Behold, the Warrior of Diablo!

Rivsoft/Screenshot by The Techy Trends

If you’re feeling the urge for some retro gaming goodness, you can play the original Diablo in your browser right now. Developer Rivsoft lets you try the limited shareware version — a bit like the classic version of Minecraft that Mojang allows you to access — and people own the original can play the whole game.

It’s based on Diablo’s reconstructed source code, so it includes all of the original game’s “bugs and badly written code.” The shareware version only gives you access to one of the game’s three character classes (the warrior), limits dungeon access and stops you from chatting with many of the game’s other characters.

If you have the files for the full game, which hit GoG in March, you can drag and drop DIABDAT.MPQ to allow full access.