Yellowjackets: That ending defined and all our WTF questions

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If you have simply completed the season 1 finale of Yellowjackets, then we’re with you. The new Showtime hit introduced haunting developments for Shauna and Jackie, huge psychological reveals for Taissa and extra hazard for Natalie. It was a spectacular finale that led to extra questions than solutions, and we’re not mad about it.Let’s dive into every thing that occurred and our greatest WTF questions, whereas nonetheless making an attempt to recuperate from that brutal character loss of life.Yellowjackets ending explainedA lot went down within the season finale of Yellowjackets, so let’s undergo the largest reveals.

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Taissa has a tousled shrine beneath her homeThis was one of many craziest, most shocking reveals for me. We lastly came upon what occurred to Taissa’s household canine. Taissa lower its head off and used it to create a fully warped shrine beneath her home. If it wasn’t Taissa, it was Van or one other member of the cult. Van is invincible by this level, so she’s undoubtedly making it out of the wilderness.What else was on the shrine? Her son’s creepy doll, alongside a drawing of what I’m now going to start out calling the “Cult Logo”.Now the query is: Did Taissa do that in her creepy dirt-eating, tree climbing, sleep strolling state? Or did she do it consciously. I’m guessing it was finished in sleep strolling state, however we did lower to a creepy smile broaching throughout Taissa’s face after the reveal.Did Taissa create this shrine to win the election?

Lottie is alive?Lottie appears like she’s nonetheless alive!
The remaining twist of the finale was the largest one: Lottie is doubtlessly alive and probably the chief of a full blown cult based mostly on what occurred within the wilderness. In the finale, grownup Natalie, on the verge of suicide, is kidnapped by what seems to be a bunch of cult lackies. It’s then instantly revealed that Lottie Matthews drained Travis’ checking account, that means she or individuals in her group might be liable for Travis’ loss of life.We additionally see Van and Misty be part of Lottie for an odd ritual within the wilderness. Is Misty performing as a double agent within the current storyline? This is Misty we’re speaking about so something is feasible.Jackie is uselessNo… poor Jackie!
Obviously we sorta knew Jackie was useless, provided that she does not seem within the current storyline and Shauna attended a bizarre birthday celebration/memorial with Jackie’s dad and mom. But now we all know for absolute sure she dies within the wilderness. After a brutal argument with Shauna within the cabin, bringing Jackie and Shauna’s latent points to the floor, the women basically banish Jackie from the cabin, that means she has to sleep outdoors. Literally and figuratively the women freeze Jackie out since, in a single day, an enormous quantity of snow falls and Jackie freezes to loss of life.It’s a brutal, haunting consequence. Perfectly executed by the present. None of it felt outlandish. It might completely have occurred and can virtually actually function a turning level for the group and their potential descent into insanity.Our burning questions…Who is the Antler Queen?Yellowjackets’ opening sequence is unbelievable.
At this level is appears crystal clear it is Lottie.Not solely that however from the finale it is fairly clear that both Lottie remains to be alive, or a terrifying non secular cult has sprung up following her actions within the wilderness.Who will get killed and ‘eaten’ at first?I’ve rewatched the present’s opening sequence to see if I might determine who will get spiked on the very begin of the present.

At first I used to be satisfied it was Lottie. Convinced. My working principle was the women banded towards her and her witchcraft methods and determined to… eat her to make bizarre stuff not occur?Now I’m not so certain. Many early theories had this particular person as Jackie, however after the season finale it is fairly clear that particular person is just not Jackie. It might be anybody at this level. (Part of me nonetheless thinks it is Lottie and this cult is sort of a group of Yellowjackets obsessives who began a cult in her wake.)Where is Javi?Seriously man, does anybody care about Javi? Where the hell has he gone?Plenty of individuals consider Javi is Adam within the current storyline. I do not purchase that for a second. I feel Javi 100% dies within the wilderness, however I do not suppose he is useless proper now. I think Javi may have an enormous half to play in future tousled rituals throughout season 2 and past.Who is subsequent to die?RIP Jackie.
In an earlier model of this story I stated I believed the present can be effectively served to kill off a person character early, simply to let the viewers know that nobody was protected. Well, that occurred pretty conclusively within the finale, so we all know all bets are off.I really consider that Coach Ben’s days are numbered and there isn’t any manner Javi is making it out of the wilderness.What occurred to Shauna’s child?In the previous, Shauna is pregnant. In the current she has a daughter, Callie, who she continuously bickers with. Is Callie that child? Those timelines do not actually match up, so…What occurred to Shauna’s child? There’s no manner they’re gonna eat the infant. That’s an excessive amount of for a mainstream present like Yellowjackets. Will they try to pull off a “abruptly not pregnant” plot line? Probably not, since Midnight Mass actually simply did that final 12 months. Not certain how that is gonna play out.Shauna is sure to miscarry. No manner she might carry the infant to time period in such a nerve-racking surroundings! Giving delivery can be so dangerous… however so would miscarrying. Either manner, it isn’t going to be time.Who was Adam actually?Adam was hilariously stabbed to loss of life by Shauna, however is that the tip of that exact thriller? It by no means sat proper with me that Adam pursued Shauna so intensely and fell in love so rapidly. Was he only a Yellowjackets fan boy that grew up with the thriller, or is there one thing extra happening there?Can Lottie see the long run for actual?Lottie is likely one of the present’s most compelling characters thus far.
To be sincere, I’m hoping issues do not go full-blown supernatural.

I feel every thing Lottie has predicted — the river flowing with blood, for instance — does, as Taissa argues, have logical explanations (the river is seemingly operating purple from concentrated minerals). Although, to be truthful, Taissa additionally turns right into a dirt-eating tree-climber at night time, so she won’t be probably the most dependable supply.What was Lottie taking her remedy for?Lottie is taking a drugs known as “Loxipene” which is more than likely a reference to Loxapene, a drugs for schizophrenia. In episode 3, nevertheless, Lottie runs out of her remedy. Not lengthy after, we see her conduct begin to change — she’s getting paranoid, turns into quieter, and begins making fairly imprecise and unnerving statements. It’s value noting that, so far as we all know, Lottie hasn’t advised any of the others about her sickness.Who died within the cabin? Is this a haunting/cursed/ghost scenario?There’s one principle doing the rounds that an deserted mining operation is situated up from the purple river. Whoever died within the cabin might need some connection.Why was that stag all maggoty on the within?I can not think about we’ll ever get a solution to this, however how was this animal up and strolling round with its inner organs all hollowed out and coated in maggots? I NEED TO KNOW!

Who is the Man with no Eyes and why does Taissa hold seeing him? The Man With No Eyes seems in episode 3 — first as an apparition seen by each Taissa and her grandmother simply earlier than Grandma dies, and later within the woods after the aircraft crash. He seems simply within the distance: pallid pores and skin, darkish hair and, in fact, huge gaping holes the place his eyes must be.At first, it looks as if there might be a purely psychological motive behind this spectre. Maybe Taissa was traumatized from her dying grandma speaking to “a person with no eyes” and her creativeness crammed within the blanks. However, coupled with Taissa’s son Sammy’s conduct — protecting his home windows with drawings of eyes and eyeless individuals, his doll disappearing from the highest of the cabinet solely to seem on the basement flooring with its eyes eliminated — we start to suppose that The Man with No Eyes truly lives on this realm and never simply in Taissa’s creativeness.

Old Eyeless Lad seems briefly within the opening credit and sure, each time, I get spooked. It’s a genuinely unnerving character and it is a shock to see him first seem, particularly when the primary two episodes featured negligible supernatural components. He’s but to reappear, however perhaps he’ll make a comeback within the finale. A reappearance and even potential clues that he is a supernatural entity would open us as much as extra questions: If The Man with No Eyes is actual, does that imply Lottie’s visions and religious connection to the forest are greater than shows of her schizophrenia?
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