Who Created the Martini? ) ) These 7 Classic Cocktails Were Invented at Hotels

Hotel Cocktails Martini Promo

Whether you are looking for the ideal spot to enjoy a cocktail before kicking off daily, or only searching for a much-needed nightcap, there’s not any better option in comparison with second-hand resort bar. Often opulent and over-the-top, these conservative watering holes possess an indisputable charm. Plus, you think the bartenders are stuffed up with humorous anecdotes and salacious stories from yesteryear.

However, what may come as a surprise is that some of your favorite concoctions aren’t only served in those iconic hotel bars across the Earth, but have been supposedly invented there. While cocktail origin stories can get muddled quicker compared to the mint and sugar in a mojito, here are the alleged hotel bars that created some of the world’s most classic tipples.

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Martini at The Knickerbocker, NYC