We Drove the World’s Fastest SUV, the Lamborthini Urus, Through The Mojave Desert

Lamborghini It’s important to note this is not Lamborghini’s first foray into the realm of the SUV. Lamborghini has never even had to consider the existence of rear passengers (perish the thought, peasant! Execs have even doubled factory floor space in anticipation of doubling sales. While others have hinted, the Urus declares its arrival with authority: the age of the Super SUV is here. But this Urus is no sideshow. But it is the 48-volt active anti-roll bar architecture — a re-tuned version of Bentayga’s next-level Dynamic Ride system — that really works the magic wand. Lambo designers even gave the LM002 a visual shoutout, echoing the Rambo Lambo’s shoulder line from the bonnet angle to flat hood.