Watch Thanos twerk: Mexican restaurant ad is weirdest thing you’ll see today

The Mad Titan has to eat, too. And sometimes, tacos and burritos inspire Thanos to practice his twerking. 

In what appears to be a TV commercial for the restaurant Takesabroso in Veracruz, Mexico, footage from Avengers: Infinity War (or Avengers: Endgame), shows Thanos (Josh Brolin) delivering his now-famed deadly snap as he dissolves half of all life on Earth. 

In the movies, Thanos snaps half the world away, then retreats to a quiet life until the Avengers come gunning for revenge in Avengers: Endgame. But in the ad, the Snap simply inspires Thanos to twerk and dance around various images of the restaurant’s food.

Representatives for Marvel and Takesabroso didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. And you’d better watch this now, because we’re guessing Marvel may soon pull it down.

But fan reactions to the tweet, shared on Monday by Twitter user @goingonajournie, were right in the spirit of the spoof.

Some envisioned Marvel and parent company Disney going all superpowered on the cease-and-desist letters. Wrote Saryn Blackwood, “Listen guys, I’m sure they paid Disney every dollar they had to for rights to use Thanos. Their food looks amazing and their video editing skills are phenomenal. I’m sure they are flush with the funds necessary.”

One observant Twitter user pointed out this isn’t the restaurant’s only venture into the world of wack-a-doo commercials.

And the ad does seem to have gained the eatery some fans.