Watch F1 driver and Aussie dreamboat Daniel Ricciardo Review his favorite car Pictures

Car films generally and racing films in particular have a reputation for not being, well, quite excellent.Either the film concentrates too much about the automobiles and you wind up with something similar to Steve McQueen’s Le Mans (that I adore, mind you, but it is not a fantastic picture per se) or else they do not take the cars severely enough and the activity is absurd to the point of it being a parody, such as The Fast along with also the Furious.As automobile lovers, it is fun to decide on these sorts of movies aside with our buddies, but what could a man or woman who makes their living at a race car believe? Would they concur with our armchair complaint? Now we could find out, since GQ Sports had F1 driver and normally beautiful human being Daniel Ricciardo do exactly that with a couple of history’s greatest and worst car films.This movie is a bit long at over 20 minutes. Still, it is totally worthwhile to some ) bask in the glow of Ricciardo’s colossal grin which never seems to leave his mind and b) ruminate about the technical precision of Days of Thunder.When you are done viewing the movie, let’s know whether you concur with Daniel or not, and perhaps shout out a number of your favourite car pictures which you’d love to see do this therapy.

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