Watch a Muay Thai Fighter Knock Out His Opponent AND the Referee in Crazy Viral Video

A Muay Thai referee inadvertently demonstrated how hazardous the conflict sport could be whether he’s knocked out while trying to avoid a struggle in a very mad viral film.  

Chinese striker Gou Dakui was just regaining his sanity after being dumped in the first form of a Max Muay Thai match against Thailand’s Super X Sitsontidech on Saturday. 

With just over a second left at another round, Dakui connected with a giant directly that obviously wobbled Sitsontidech. As the ref ran in to break things up, Dakui uncorked a leading kick which destroys the official square in the face. He was instantly joined into the film Dakui’s defeated contest. 

Thanks for celebrating! {{

Thanks for celebrating ! ) |}

As The Sun notes( and also the two commentators were initially stunned by the double beatdown. 

“Oh my god, the referee got kicked, the referee came ” One cried.” That is something I’ve not seen in over 30 years of celebrating Muay Thai! )” 

After viewing the replays, they agreed that another strike was clearly accidental. 

BJ Penn reports that Dakui’s was awarded the win by TKO to maximize his album 21-9, while Sitsontidech’s record drops to 60-32 after being knocked out to the fifth contest in a row. 

Watch the comprehensive battle below: