Vision Mercedes Simplex Notion throws it back into the Ancient 1900s

Mercedes should construct 10 of them and host a street race, because that was the first Simplex’s jam.


Concept automobiles nowadays are exercises in sophistication, often carrying complex technologies and layouts. Clearly, they are targeted at the near future, and that’s the reason Mercedes-Benz’s brand new concept is really a breath of fresh air that intends to keep it easier.

Mercedes-Benz on Saturday introduced the Vision Mercedes Simplex concept. Meant as a new-age look in the Mercedes 35 PS from 1901, this notion eschews some of this disadvantage in favour of a simpler tribute, however there are still lots of futuristic twists inside.

It takes about a millisecond of studying the idea to realize it is based on something nicely ahead of our own time. While that the outboard wheels and vulnerable linkages seem like something out of Minority Report, the remaining portion of the layout is straight-up old fashioned, with ample seating for 2 and even a smart little bag bag connected to the rear end. The classic Mercedes emblem makes an appearance, however, the body is filled with 21st-century touches such as rose gold beams.

The grille is among the more intriguing components. Behind its gold framework is a three-dimensional screen that reveals an electronic form of the ancient 20th-century Mercedes logo. Whereas that the inside of the first Simplex is a hodgepodge of tubes and levers, the idea’s interior is radically simplified, with merely a couple of buttons on the instrument panel.

Many modern theories preview future automobiles, but not one. There’s a snowball’s chance in hell something like this would ever make it into production, given that the long list of regulations each new automobile must stick to, but it is still an intriguing exercise in what could occur once an automaker’s designers have been given the opportunity to break loose from these bounds. Let’s hope there is more similar to this in store later on.