This Omega Speedmaster’Dark Side of these Moon’ Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Apollo Mission


America first really scratched the itch to leave the atmosphere and travel to a different planet on December 21, 1968, along with the launch of the Apollo 8 mission to orbit the Moon.

That initiating assignment’s legacy was potentially eclipsed by Apollo 11’s landing afterwards in 1969, but with their new Speedmaster”Dark Side of these Moon” Apollo 8 timepiece, Omega is here to remind us the first mission was, in its way, really iconic. 


Thanks for celebrating ! )

To highlight the watchmaker has engraved a quote from Apollo 8 pilot Jim Lovell on the bottom of the perspective, words that deserve a unique location in moonshot backdrop:”We’ll see you round the other hand.”

Those were Lovell’s closing words to NASA mission control just minutes before the orbiter successfully traversed the dark aspect of them Moon, from radio scope. 

The Omega Speedmaster legacy is a vital part of space travel history –Neil Armstrong wore you Apollo 11, as it was the favorite NASA timepiece due to the dependable performance and endurance.

The Dark Side Speedmaster is a recognizable rise of the lineup, but its sleek design and color puts an elegant, dressy spin onto a wristwatch originally made for operational applications. Omega has deconstructed the very first, employing a skeletonized dial that delivers an intriguing appearance to some precision laser-cut inside.