This century-old cast iron cookware brand is 50% off right now



We really love a sale on quality cast iron because we really love cast iron in the kitchen. Let’s count the reasons, shall we? Cast iron is one of the best conductors and most even distributors of heat, meaning you’re more likely to nail a perfectly even sear or consistently cooked stew. Cast iron is also incredibly durable; it takes a lickin’ and keeps on cookin’ (unlike nonstick or copper) which is why some people keep their favorite cast iron around longer than a spouse. Speaking of longevity, cast iron just gets better with age and when properly seasoned, cared for and used, cast iron builds up a natural seasoning itself that then (in a different sense) seasons anything that goes in or on it.

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Cast iron can be pricey but right now a whole mess of quality cast iron cookware is on sale at Amazon. From cast iron skillets — a kitchen tool you could easily use every day — to cast iron Dutch ovens, griddles, and more. If you’re not familiar with their wares, Lodge is a well-respected legacy cookware brand that’s been specializing in quality cast iron for over 100 years.

Most of these cast iron cookware pieces on Amazon are at least 50% off during this limited time sale with a 5-piece set, containing as much cast-iron as you’ll ever need, is currently less than 70 bucks (down from $150). There is no end date listed for the sale so we’d suggest jumping at it if you’re in the market for some good cast iron or to upgrade your current set. 

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The handled dutch oven is perfect for sauces and stews while the versatile skillet can be used for every day cooking. Bonus, the skillet doubles as a lid for the Dutch Oven for those times a little coverage is needed. A steal at over 50 percent off right now.

This is an amazing cast-iron starter set with all you need to cook just about anything. The seasoned bundle includes a 10.5-inch Griddle, 8-Inch Skillet, 10.25-Inch Skillet, 5-quart Dutch Oven with cast iron lid that fits both the 10.25-inch Skillet and the Dutch Oven.


This reversible grill-griddle combo will sear perfect burgers and chicken one side while the flat griddle side will be your new best friend at breakfast for cooking eggs, bacon pancakes, crepes or most anything else.


This durable seasoned cast-iron 12-inch pan can do a whole lot. Its high-rimmed sides mean you can make a sauce or stew without a major mess while the double-sided handle makes it easy to balance over a campfire or atop a grill.