This 1969 Ford Mustang Boss Has Been Reborn With 815 HP

The restomod masters at Classic Recreations have delivered on their promise to endow Mustang Boss 429Hence with ungodly amounts of horsepower. )

The Yukon, Oklahoma-established contractors start with rebuilding a 1969 Mustang human anatomy to mill state, then let it Boss 429-dash with the addition of a brand new hood complete using the standard muscle car’s mythical spade, front spoiler and 18-inch wheels. 

Interior upgrades include a aluminum steering wheel, custom made console and 200-kilometers Boss 429 gauges.

The classic muscle car also boasts a colossal 815-hp V8 crate engine that’s mated to a conventional manual transmission. )

Thanks for celebrating!

Oh, yeah and it comes tricked out in a menacingly murdered-out paint job called”Vengeance Black.”

As Motor Trend notes,” which supercar electricity comprises a supercar-level price tag of $209,000–which is before habit options like a sub and amp, leather interior or GPS tracking device are additional. 

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