These Are the U.S. Airlines Most and Least Likely to Lose Your Luggage, Ranked

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The holiday season is here, meaning Innumerable Americans will find themselves Considering Luggage Asserts across the nation, praying their Bags appear on the conveyer belt)

But you don’t have to leave the fate of your possessions simply to opportunity.  Inside Hook reports that the Department of Transportation ranked U.S. airlines by how often they mishandled luggage in its latest Air Travel Consumer Report. 

No one lost her luggage.

No one missing her purse.

Thanks for celebrating!

Each rate was calculated”depending upon the whole amount of reports each carrier received from passengers concerning lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered baggage.” 

Surprisingly, cut-rate airline Spirit came outside along with an average of just 1. 84 bungled luggage per 1,000 passengers) But in the event you’re not prepared to forgo the experiences of more exceptional airlines, Delta and JetBlue aren’t much behind in the third and third places, respectively. 

Here are the overall rankings for federal flights only, determined by the sum of mishandled bag reports per 1,000 passengers, from worst to best: