These 4 things are on sale for $10 or less, and you should get them all


Every item here is, temporarily, priced under $10.

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The best things in life are free: hugs, nature walks, pretty much everything inside your local library. The second-best things in life are cheap, like the four items I’ve rounded up for you today. They’re all priced below $10 (thanks to coupons and/or coupon codes) and all extremely useful. They’re also, I should add, in stock at the time of this writing, though that could change at any time. (If you see a different price than listed or the code doesn’t work, it’s because the inventory is gone or the deal has expired.) Note that The Techy Trends may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Sold by Seeverything, this is a must-have for cars that don’t have USB ports — or don’t have high-amp ones, which is many. It normally sells for $13 and is currently on sale for $9, but promo code B214SALES drops it to just $4. Yes, please.

Large enough to accommodate not only an iPad, but also all manner of cords, mobile chargers (see below), memory cards and other travel gear, this incredibly useful bag is 50% off with promo code KDFTJGMK.

Be prepared. In this day and age, that means keeping a mobile charger anywhere you’re likely to suddenly need one: purse, glove box, backpack, go bag, etc. This one has enough juice to fully charge most phones, but it’s compact enough to stick nearly anyplace. Clip the on-page $2-off coupon (available for all three colors) to get the price under the magic $10 mark.

Lightweight and comfortable, with good sound for the money, the Flats are already a steal at their regular $12 price (which sometimes bounces back up to the $20 list price). The black and red versions are each on sale for $10 right now, though stock is limited on the latter.

Bonus deal: This awesome retro mini-fridge with eraser board is down to $99

“Put beer in me.”


College kids get all the best stuff: Cheap Spotify, free Office and super-cool miniature appliances like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Walmart has the Frigidaire 3.2-cubic-foot Retro Eraser Board Mini Fridge for $99. Regular price: $129.

What’s retro about it? Basically the old-fashioned handle and Frigidaire logo. That’s enough; the thing looks really adorable. But I especially love the, er, black whiteboard, which allows for erasable doodles and messages the length of the door.

To me this looks like a great option for an apartment, dorm room, garage, etc. And $99 is less than what you’d pay for many a non-retro, non-eraserboard-equipped mini-fridge.

Bonus deal No. 2: Do all the coffee things with the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System for $50

Everybody needs a coffeemaker, right? The question is, do you settle for a $15-20 drip-coffee cheapie or invest a little more in something that can do a lot more?


Once $200, now just $50.


Once upon a time, this particular something would have cost you as much as $200, but if you don’t mind a refurb, you can walk away with a massive bargain: Today only, and while supplies last, Woot has the Ninja CF091 Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System for $49.99, shipped free for Amazon Prime subscribers. (Amazon owns Woot.)

The CF091 features a 10-cup glass carafe, but can also brew single cups in a variety of sizes. It has different modes for things like extra-strong and iced coffee, a reusable filter and an integrated frother for whipping up your milk or cream.

Reviews I’ve seen on this model put it roughly in the 4-star category, with some folks citing reliability issues. Ideally, with these being refurbished, any such issues have been dealt with — but who knows for sure? You do get a warranty, but it’s just 90 days.

That’s my only real reservation, because I certainly do love the idea of a $200 coffeemaker for $50. Your thoughts?

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