The best stuff you can get for under $30

February will soon become March, which means sales tied to Easter, Mother’s Day and graduation season won’t be far behind. But in the meantime, there are still plenty of great deals out there. To that end, we’ve updated our list of favorite products available for under $30 (before tax!) below. 

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Fire TV Stick with TV voice remote: $30 (save $10)

Sarah Tew/The Techy Trends

If you prefer an Alexa-compatible video streamer (versus Roku, below), the updated Fire TV Stick is right up your alley. That model is discounted by 25% today. It includes the newer, improved remote control that offers voice recognition (if you don’t already have a standalone Echo speaker) and TV power/volume control. But if you want the 4K version, you’ll need to spend $10 more. 

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Sony SRS-XB01 wireless speaker for $25

David Carnoy/The Techy Trends

If you don’t want a smart speaker listening in on your conversations — or just want a rechargeable speaker that travels with you — the Sony SRS-XB01 is a great choice. It sounds great for its size, and it’s splashproof, too. Prices range from $25 to $33, depending on which of the four colors you choose.

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Roku Express for $29.88

Sarah Tew/The Techy Trends

Roku and Amazon have a boatload of video streamers available in the under-$50 price range. But if $30 is your cutoff, this entry-level Roku is your go-to choice. It delivers pretty much every video service you can think of, from Netflix to Hulu to countless more obscure apps, as well as the free-with-ads Roku Channel, too. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more entertainment for your TV at this price.

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Wyze Cam for $26

Sarah Tew/The Techy Trends

Home security cameras are cheaper than ever, but if you want a great starter model for under $30, this Alexa-compatible Wyze model is a solid choice. 

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Anker PowerCore Fusion battery pack for $26


This handy Anker 5,000-mAh battery pack is about the size of a MacBook power supply, and it can charge two USB-powered devices simultaneously. Best of all, it doubles as a wall charger, and the AC prongs fold up for easy travel. It’s now available in white and lipstick red for $30, too.

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Belkin WeMo Mini for $28 (save $7)

Tyler Lizenby/The Techy Trends

There are plenty of cheap smart plugs out there, but the Belkin WeMo Mini is one of the few at this price that deliver the hat trick: compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri (HomeKit). In other words, this plug will smarten up any lamp in your home, regardless of which digital assistant you’re using.

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2 Google Home Minis for $58, or $29 each

Chris Monroe/The Techy Trends

If you prefer Google Assistant to Alexa, Google’s very own — and very capable — mini smart speaker is back to its full price of $49 if you purchase one. But buy two, and you’ll get $20 off each. That’s two for $58 total. 

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This story was originally published on January 19, and has been updated to include more products available for under $30 each.