The 20 Biggest Video Games Coming Out in 2019

Here’s hoping the extra dev time will make Crackdown 3 an early breakout in 2019. (February 14)Far Cry’s open-world gunplay returns for another take on surviving a cult-riddled landscape. (February 2019)Another long-awaited sequel is finally arriving in 2019 to carry on a story that was left hanging years ago. This is a fan favorite series, and expectations are running high for what the studio behind it can accomplish in their third game. Devil May Cry 5 reunites several main characters from the ongoing DMC story while bringing the entire endeavor into a gorgeous episode made for modern hardware. Travis, the world’s best assassin is getting another go-round and the signature style from the first game seems to be intact for his return. (January 11)The insanely awesome Suda 51 is behind this sequel to No More Heroes.