Study Reveals Men With These Personality Traits Have More Sex

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Some men believe getting more activity frequently in the bedroom is all about hours at the gym, hair loss, and tanning bed interval. Grooming and caring on your own doesn’t hurt, though, a study conducted by the Queensland (Australia) University of Technology found that additional variables are more important than the capability to flex the perfect.

Researchers culled responses from 3,000 1 and 2 guys,500 women and came up with these conclusions about men who get busy on the regular: They are outgoing, emotionally stable, and also more educated. 

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In reverse words, favorable dudes that provide a damn and which won’t reverse out are probably going to get lucky on a usual basis.  Kind of dismisses several ideas men are educated, even today, about how being erratic signs sexual magnetism.  

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The New York Post quoted therapist Bianca Rodriguez, who stated women are attracted to these qualities because they”want to feel protected, they want their own feelings to be cherished.” 

“Women are more discerning than men in regards to sex,” Rodriguez advised the Post,”and they’re looking for qualities in a man that would indicate balance, they will stick around.”

The same study indicated just 1 grade predictions a woman will have more fun more often: agreeableness–that doesn’t seem all that fair for women, but okay. 

In a press release regarding the analysis, researcher Dr. Stephen Whyte wrote that”findings suggest that the larger variance in male traits and their particular mixtures may supply an advantage to them when it comes to reproduction and gender but that doesn’t appear to be the case for all those women” included in the survey.