Streaks, the $5 Program that Motivated me to Flake out for 100 Consecutive days

I’m not necessarily consistent about breastfeeding. When a dental appointment is coming up, I floss like crazy to determine if I could fool my dentist right into believing I do it all of the time (spoiler: she is not duped ). But as soon as the appointment is finished, it’s easy to give up in my new hygiene habit.

Then I read about aniOS app called Streaks and determined to see whether it would inspire me to develop healthy habits without stopping. Hey, guess what? It functions! I’ve now flossed for 100 consecutive days, and contemplating I have braces and require special bizarre flossers, that is a major thing.

A screenshot of my Streaks app. You may take a look over your stripes in calendar or bar-chart shape and can maintain around 12 distinct stripes at one time. (AcceleDent is a device I use for my dentures; Grace is my own mother-in-law!)

Screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/The Techy Trends

The program is $4.99 from the App Store, and it is so easy I was almost embarrassed to purchase it. All it will it quantify the streak of times you finish a particular job. It’s just like a to-do listing you carry around in your telephone, and also the rising amount of times on your series will inspire you to not bypass a day.

So actually, there is nothing Streaks does for me personally I can not do to myself should I get a laptop or a dry-erase plank or a calendar and simply set a checkmark daily I floss.

But really do I do this? Do I take a laptop or a calendar or a dry-erase board round with me and accelerate scribble a X to the day’s date after I wake up? No, I don’t. But I perform take my smartphone around with me all of the time. So once I floss, or take my allergy medication, or scoop your kitty box, or create my measures target, or whatever it’s I’m attempting to become a custom, I could just open the program and mark it “done.”

You begin by selecting exactly what stripes that you would like to construct. There are several presets (flossing is just one ) but you could also just type in anything you desire. Once you put up the task, you have to press it to signify you finished it daily. 

That’s it! The program rewards you with a joyful little audio, and by maintaining your series going. It informs you how long your own series is operating and generates small graphs that show you additional information, like your best-ever series, or the period of day you generally finish your task.

You may also establish a series for something that you would like to quit doing, like obtaining credit for days if you don’t smoke. There’s plus a “don’t pick nose” preset if that is your issue. You may prepare the program to get a timed activity, such as “read for 10 minutes” or “practice instrument.” You can connect Streaks for a Apple watch action tasks. You do not need to decide on a job to be accomplished every day, you are able to do it every daily, or per week, or whatever it takes.

So much, I have stuck into the ultra-simple. I’ve only a couple of jobs, such as flossing, I attempt to do most daily. But it functions. I only attained 100 times in my own flossing streak, also to me, that is a rose -Mount-Everest degree of difficulty. If I keep this up, I hope my dentist will observe a gap during my cleaning. (SHE HAD BETTER.)

Now which I’ve forked over cash for Streaks, I detect other programs in the App Store which do exactly the identical type of item. But Streaks keeps it simple, and after I purchased the program, my husband managed to utilize it at no cost thanks to Apple’s Family Sharing plan

So perhaps this is not as an endorsement for a particular app and much more of a telling that you, too, may find keeping a series going a profitable way to prepare a fantastic habit. Even should you simply get a dry-erase board along with a pencil.