Sky Mobile boosts data allowance on phone and SIM-only plans for no extra cost

Sky Mobile has sweetened its mobile phone and SIM-only deals, with extra data and some very welcome price cuts.

From 15th September, Sky Mobile is introducing data packages that entitle you to 5GB and 10GB per month for an outlay of £15 per month (down from £20 per month previously) and £20 per month respectively.

Available to new and existing customers, they will replace Sky Mobile’s existing plans that offer monthly data allowances of 3GB and 5GB for the same price.

For light users, Sky Mobile will retain its 500MB per month tariff at £5 per month, as well as its 1GB per month plan that’ll cost you £10 per month.

Existing Sky TV customers also get unlimited calls and texts thrown in for no extra cost.

Data (per month) 500MB 1GB 5GB 10GB Monthly cost £5 £10 £15 £20 Ideal for A bite-size portion for checking emails and occasional browsing Everyday browsing and social media updates Streaming music, watching videos and much more Downloading albums, streaming movies and gaming

If you’re not an existing customer, you can either pay 10p a text and 10p a minute, or fork out an extra £10 per month on all plans for unlimited messages and minutes.

The new prices are available on Sky Mobile’s full range of smartphones on its Swap24 and Swap12 early-upgrade-friendly contracts, as well as SIM-only contracts.

What’s the deal with Sky Swap contracts? We walk you through them in our FAQ.

We’re also told that they’ll available on “newly launched devices”. Which suggests you’ll be able to pick up the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus on the new contracts when Apple’s new handsets go on sale later this month.

Liz Wynn, Sky’s Director of Mobile, said: “We launched Sky Mobile to offer more flexibility and great value – and that’s exactly what we’re doing by introducing our new data plan.

“10GB is ideal for people who want to use their phone to do it all – from streaming, browsing and watching to gaming. September is an important month for our customers who want to get their hands on the latest phones, and we’re excited to now give them even more choice and value.”

All plans include the full gamut of Sky Mobile benefits, including Mix, Save, Sync and Swap.

And you get use of Sky’s Roll data piggybank too, which lets you stash as much unused data as you like, save it up for up to three years and use it as and when you need to.

Take a closer look at Sky Mobile benefits with our guide.

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