Show Us Yours: Marvel fandom edition


Don’t mind the Star Wars and DC figures, this The Techy Trends family member is punching bags for the Marvel gang!

Lee Koo/The Techy Trends

A wild ride is on its way for Marvel fans.

We’re finally getting to see Captain Marvel’s origins and just how powerful she is. And in a short two months, we’ll see Avengers: Endgame hit the big screen. The latter has many fans waiting (or dreading) to see how the Avengers’ storyline wraps, with some probably hoping Thanos gets what’s coming to him after decimating half of all life.

If you’re anything like us here at The Techy Trends, you’re counting down the seconds until you can see how it all concludes, so this is something to help pass that time in between Captain Marvel and Endgame.

Doing our own team-up with GameSpot, TV Guide, TechRepublic, ZDNet, we’re curious to see just how big of Marvel fans our readers are. Maybe you own a replica of Cap’s shield. Or your very own Spidey-suit. Even a homemade collection of your own Infinity Stones. Anything under the Marvel umbrella, we want to see, so don’t be shy! Whether it’s pictures of your comic book collection, action figures, posters, costumes, perhaps even a Marvel shrine, submit them in the form below so we can showcase them for all to see.

You can check out previous versions of our Show Us Yours photo galleries, although not Marvel-related, just to get an idea of how it works. We don’t care if you’ve got high-end stuff, or if that stuff has seen better days, we just want to show off the fandom. Once we’ve gathered enough submissions, we’ll create a photo gallery to highlight your awesome collections. So, get out that camera and start snappin’. We can’t wait to see what you have for us!

Some tips for submission:

  • The pictures. At least one photo of your Marvel collection (see above for ideas). Feel free to include yourself in the photos if you wish. Images need to be in horizontal (landscape) format, and each photo should not exceed 3MB in size. The higher the resolution the better. You can submit up to four images (the more, the merrier).
  • The captions. For each photo you submit, write a sentence or two about your prized Marvel possessions and let us know what makes them special to you. We appreciate detail and would love to know everything we can about your gear.

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