Scientists Say People Will Definitely Have Sex at Self-Driving Cars

Watch those feet

Watch those ft

Imagine hitting the street 2025 to get a visit to visit grandma then along how an autonomous car passes with a few going at it indoors –in the driver’s seat. 

People who attempt that now will probably perish in a fiery crash till they achieve that magical orgasmic instant. Eight to ten years from now it may not be a problem, scientists say, since the vehicle or truck carrying the joyful humpers will continue humming along safely to its destination. After all, self-driving vehicles are–to use the cliche–the tide of the future.

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Here, in the Annals of Tourism Research, are several decisions reached by researchers in the University of Surrey and also the University of Oxford from the United Kingdom:

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Tourism at the urban nighttime is intricately on the hospitality market. At exactly the exact same period, violent crime and antisocial behavior often occur in regions of busy nightlife (e.g. Bromley and Nelson, 2002), hence the intersection of automatic mobility and the metropolitan nighttime necessitates orderly and place-specific diagnoses.

This may consist of questions of prostitution, and gender more commonly, in transferring CAVs [Connected and Autonomous Vehicles], becomes a developing phenomenon. For example,’hotels-by-the-hour’ are very likely to be substituted by CAVs, which may have consequences for urban tourism, as gender plays a central part in several tourism encounters (e.g. Carr, 2016).

While SCAVs will probably be tracked to discourage passengers with sex or using drugs in them, and also to stop violence, such surveillance might be immediately overcome, removed or disabled. Moreover, private CAVs will probably be immune from these surveillance. Such personal CAVs might also be put to industrial use, since it’s simply a small leap to envision Amsterdam’s Red Light District’on the move’