Pokemon Sword adds leek-wielding Sirfetch’d as Variant exclusive

We fulfilled a harmful duck for the first time Wednesday since the Pokemon Company and Nintendo showcased new Pokemon Sirfetch’d, that you are going to have the ability to improve your set in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which struck Nintendo Switch on Nov. This Fighting-kind grows from Farfetch’d after”experiencing many battles” and can be a Sword version exclusive, therefore Shield gamers might need to exchange for it.

Sirfetch’d, which the firms teased last week, has a calm demeanor and constantly struggles rather, befitting its knight-like demeanor. A famous painting of Sword and Shield’s Galar region seemingly reveals it duelling with Escavalier, that a knight Pokemon initially observed in Pokemon Black and White.


Sirfetch’d is a development of Farfetch’d.

“In battle, Sirfetch’d uses the sharp stalk of its leek as a lance and the thick leaves as a shield,” its own Pokedex entry reads” {


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Nintendo shows newest Pokemon sport, Sword and Shield


It’s the sole Pokemon that could learn new movement Meteor Assault, which sees Sirfetch’d stage its leek in the competition and control at toward them. It’s a potent assault, but Sirfetch’d must devote a turn recovering later.

Farfetch’d debuted in Pokemon Red and Blue over 20 decades past, but that is actually the first time that it’s been in a position to evolve. Version exclusive Pokemon are a series convention, with the notion being that you exchange with players that have other variant to finish your Pokedex.

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