Nissan’s working Together with Major esports teams on Theory gaming Seats

If you are an aggressive gamer concentrated on functionality, the GT-R Nismo gaming seat may be the one for you.


Keeping yourself firmly implanted when doing some lively driving whilst at the same time keeping comfy for long drives are equally essential job functions for a vehicle seat. That’s why producers spend enormous amounts of money creating themespecially for sports and high-end cars.

This can come as a surprise, however these very same attributes — relaxation and encourage — are significant at a severe gaming seat, particularly for men and women who match professionally on an esports team like FaZe Clan or OpTic Gaming. That’s why Nissan announced on Friday that it was teaming up with the two wildly popular gaming teams to design new gaming chair concepts based their most popular vehicles for National Video Game Day. What they ended up with were three sketches, each based on a different Nissan vehicle.

If staying charged while going easy on Mother Nature is your thing, then the Leaf gaming chair might be a good fit.


The first is based on the GT-R Nismo and is made of carbon fiber and aluminum for stiffness and lightweight. The racing seat-such as design is meant to grip the player through even the most intense rage-quits and after repeated no-scope headshots in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The carbon bucket is covered in red leather and Alcantara-like microsuede.

The second chair is inspired by Nissan’s Armada SUV and as such its a radically different take on performance than the GT-R seat. To start with, it’s heated and cooled, for optimum butt temperature management. It’s also got adjustable lumbar support so you don’t cramp up after long periods of camping and waiting for n00bs. Like the Armada Platinum Reserve, it’s covered in brown and black leather.

Finally, we’ve got a seat inspired by Nissan’s Leaf. It’s got a built-in leg rest and on-board USB charging. We dig the electric blue highlights against the gray leather. Frankly, this looks comfortable and looks like it’s something that could actually get built.

Speaking of getting built, Nissan claims it has no plans to produce any of these chairs, but it’s keeping tabs on public interest and asking people to vote for their favorite of the sketches on Twitter.

If you have a tendency to get heated in long CS:GO matches, then this heated and cooled Armada seat may be that the thing that you want.