Nissan and EVgo are installing 200 DC fast chargers across the US

Soon you’ll be able to juice up your Leaf at one of 200 new 100-kilowatt DC fast chargers being installed across the US by Nissan and EVgo.

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Tesla’s Supercharger network may steal all of the DC fast-charging limelight these days, but there are other EV charging networks out there for us plebs who don’t own something from the Big T. 

The good news is that these networks are getting faster, and that’s especially true for EVgo, which is installing 200 new 100-kilowatt CHAdeMO chargers across the US in partnership with Nissan.

Nissan, as you likely already know, has a vested interest in the EV game, especially considering that Nissan manufactures the world’s best-selling electric car. To date, Nissan has invested around $60 million in charging infrastructure that benefits owners of all EVs, not just Leafs.

“Nissan is proud to have partnered with EVgo to build the largest public EV fast-charging network in the US,” Aditya Jairaj, director of EV Sales and Marketing for Nissan North America, said in a statement. “Given the tremendous driver response to the 2019 long-range all-electric Leaf, Nissan and EVgo will accelerate fast charging by committing to a multiyear charger construction program that will continue to expand fast-charging options for EV drivers across the country.”

Nissan and EVgo are a little vague in their press release about where exactly these 200 new chargers will be installed other than “across the country,” though we’d expect to see the stations alongside major interstates and near large metropolitan areas.

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