NASA’s Insight Mission Lands on Mars Today, Here’s How To Watch it Live


After beginning last May and moving during seven months of deep-space traveling covering 300 million kilometers, NASA’s InSight lander is set to touch down Mars today, November 26th, at roughly 3 pm EST. 

This is big since 1) Space is cool ( and additionally two ) More than half of assignments to the Red Planet have failed to land safely throughout the years because the Martian surface is inconsistent and hazardous. It’s so much so excellent for your InSight lander, but anything could fail at the mission’s closing minutes.

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“I’m fully excited and completely nervous, and all in exactly the specific same time,” InSight job manager Tom Hoffman stated during a press conference at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

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“Everything we’ve finished thus much makes us feel comfortable and confident we’re likely to property Mars. But everything needs to move absolutely, and Mars could consistently throw a curveball.”

Since the world wants to find the landing, NASA may start streaming the occasion in 2 pm –an hour ahead of the landing–on NASA TV (with comment ), their website, and forth social media channels.  You can also understand the news conference after the landing at 5 pm

Below, watch live landing comment and data briefings from scientists and engineers in 2-3:30 EST:

This video below will most likely be a uninterrupted feed of cameras from inside JPL Mission Control with mission audio just from 2-3:30 EST.

There are also public viewing occasions, some comprising agents from NASA (noted with an asterisk).

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