LG OLED TVs now available for lowest prices yet, starting at $1,110


Sarah Tew/The Techy Trends

Good things come to those who wait.

LG’s 2018 OLED TVs, with the best picture quality The Techy Trends has ever tested, have hit new all-time lows from multiple retailers. Pricing is substantially lower than the company’s Super Bowl sale, which was significantly lower than the Black Friday price.

In fact the prices below, from Best Buy, mark the lowest I’ve seen on any OLED TV at these sizes from an authorized retailer. Note that you have to add the TV to your cart to se the price. I also checked Walmart and Amazon, but neither have the TVs in-stock themselves, instead selling them via other retailers.

LG OLED 2018 B8 and C8 series pricing

Model Size Super Bowl price Current Best Buy price Savings
OLED55B8P 55 inches $1,500 $1,110 $390
OLED65B8P 65 inches $2,300 $1,850 $450
OLED55C8P 55 inches $1,700 $1,360 $340
OLED65C8P 65 inches $2,700 $1,950 $750

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LG B8 is the 2018 OLED TV to buy


Time to pull the trigger, if you haven’t already

If you’re in the market for a high-end TV and can afford an OLED — in short, if you’ve been waiting for this price drop — now is the time to buy. 

See the 55-inch OLED B8 at Best Buy
See the 65-inch OLED B8 at Best Buy

Between the two series the B8 is the one to buy. I gave it The Techy Trends’s Editors’ Choice award as the best high-end 2018 TV. It delivers everything I expected from an OLED TV in terms of image quality, starting with perfect black levels. It has plenty of brightness and contrast to make just about everything — including football — look great. Yes, the more-expensive C8 did just a bit better in my tests, but the difference isn’t worth the money.

Then again the difference for the 65-inch C8 is just $100 now, so if you want that extra bit of image quality, which primarily showed up as reduced banding with some material in my side-by-side comparison, I won’t blame you. They also have different stand designs.

See the 55-inch OLED C8 at Best Buy
See the 65-inch OLED C8 at Best Buy

All OLED TVs have the increased potential for burn-in compared to LCD-based models, although most people and use cases it won’t be an issue. If you’re unfamiliar with burn-in, here’s what you need to know.

Of course LG’s 2019 OLED TVs will arrive this spring, but if the past is any indication, I don’t expect to recommend buying them over the 2018 models until Black Friday 2019 at the earliest. Yes. the new models have some HDMI 2.1 features that could appeal to high-end gamers and Dolby Atmos fans, but the main image quality improvement from 2018 to 2019 is better processing. Based on past comparisons, I expect the visible difference between the B8 and its 2019 cohorts to be minor, at best. 

In other words OLED image quality has largely plateaued, and unless you’re willing to pay up for a slight improvement, your best bet is to get the cheapest one.

75-inch options and more

Beyond its still-high price, the main downside of the B8 is the fact that it maxes out at 65 inches. Yes, LG sells a 77-inch OLED, but it costs seven grand. 

A lot of TV shoppers are gravitating toward a 70- or 75-inch TV. If you’re looking for a high-performance set in that size that’s relatively affordable, my primary recommendation is the new 75-inch TCL 6 series. The 75-inch Vizio P series is another excellent bet. 

To get significantly better image quality in a 2018 75-inch TV over those two you’ll need to pay up, way up, for the Samsung Q9.  

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