iPhone 8 wireless charging components pictured

Leaked images on Chinese social media appear to show off components for the iPhone 8’s wireless charging system, with the new Apple smartphone now just weeks away from launch.

The round unit is believed to sit within the centre of the phone, allowing users to power up their device by placing it on a dedicated wireless charging mat.

Wireless charging capabilities are said to be coming to all of Apple’s forthcoming iPhones, including the iterative updates to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which are believed to be keeping the same design as 2016’s models.

All three new iPhones are due to feature a glass rather than aluminium construction in order to facilitate wireless charging.

Earlier this year it was reported that Apple was working on an over–the–air wireless charging system, which would see the iPhone 8 draw power from special modules placed around the home or workplace.

However, for now it seems such futuristic tech has been put on the back burner, as the California company looks towards a more traditional method of powering up phones without having to plug them in.

The iPhone 8 is set to launch in September.

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Kya Gin Wong
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