iPhone 8 gesture controls set to entirely replace home button?

The iPhone 8 will rely solely on gesture controls and will not have a virtual home button, marking a bold departure from previous models.

That’s the word from august business news site Bloomberg, which cites insiders who have used the device and has seen images of the soon-to-arrive handset.

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It claims that a new software bar, similar to that planned for the iPad with iOS 11, will be dragged from the bottom to the middle of the device in order to unlock it.

This same gesture will also start multitasking while an app is open, something which has already been mooted by analysts. A final push to the top of the screen will close the app entirely.

Ditching the physical home button has long been Apple’s plan for the iPhone 8. But not even having a virtual home area suggests it is planning nothing short of a wholesale reworking of how users interact with its smartphone.

The home button has been the cornerstone of the iPhone since it first launched in 2007.

Any major change in how the iPhone is used is likely to be greeted with excitement among tech fans and bafflement among everyday users.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8 at a special event on 12th September.



Kya Gin Wong
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