iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c won’t support iOS 11, Apple confirms

Neither the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c will work with Apple’s new iOS 11 software, Apple announced at yesterday’s unveiling of the new version of its smartphone operating system.

The ageing phones are being phased out of the iOS update cycle because they only work with older 32-bit apps, not 64-bit ones.

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64-bit apps have been supported since 2013’s iPhone 5s, ushering in a period where Apple aggressively pushed developers to create such apps for their current smartphone line-up.

Warning messages about older apps have become increasingly frequent since Apple launched iOS 10 in September 2016.

Once iOS 11 launches, 32-bit apps will not work on newer iPhones, meaning developers have a tight deadline to fix add-ons that are no longer up to scratch.

Apple’s decision to ditch support for the iPhone 5 is unsurprising, as it tends not to offer the latest edition of iOS on older handsets.

But the move to take the iPhone 5c out of the equation may leave many users frustrated.

That model only came out in 2013 and was still officially available at the start of 2016.

iOS 11 is due to hit iPhones and iPads in September, around same time as Apple’s new iPhone 8 is launched.

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Kya Gin Wong
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