Inside the Wildly Erotic ‘Illuminati Ball’ New Year’s Eve Bash

the sexiest New Year’s Eve party New York has ever seen. Guests simply entered  the vault and grabbed as much money as they could hold. (Photo: Matthew Corona-Goldstein)Throughout the night, different activities and performances took place in various rooms and floors of the building, with themed rituals for wealth, love, basic needs, fame, respect. (Photo: The Illuminati Ball/Lester Tsai, 2018)But while the rituals were different, there was one consistent theme through the entire evening: Everything was incredibly sensual, a la Eyes Wide Shut. (Photo: The Illuminati Ball/Mark Shelby Perry, 2018)Accompanying him was his pregnant wife, the “Baroness de Rothschild,” who at one point gave birth to a pig in a gimp mask. There’s no real sex, but plenty of teasing and nudity. (Photo: The Illuminati Ball/Edward, 2018)”Wealth” was led in a room called they Bank Vault by the Pig King himself.