Hotel for plants takes care of your greenery while you’re gone


Let Patch Plant Hotel care for your precious green roommates while you’re away on vacay.


Worried your plants might not make it out alive while you’re on vacation? The Patch Plant Hotel in London could be the answer to your wilting worries. This “5-star all inclusive” botanicals-only hotel, created by online plant store Patch, will watch over your green friends while you’re off on a beach somewhere. It’s free of charge, including the plant food and drinks.


Patch Plant Hotel keeps indoor plants healthy and happy.


“We all know the crushing disappointment when you return from holiday to find your plant has gone from green lusciousness, to a burnt, dry bunch of twigs,” CEO of Patch Freddie Blackett told House Beautiful on Tuesday. “We wanted to open the hotel to give a helping hand to the increasing number of plant parents.”

To book one of the plant rooms, visit the Patch Plants website and enter your plants’ arrival and departure date, plus how many plants to check in. After the booking is confirmed, just drop off your green friends at the hotel. 

The hotel is open for bookings until Sept. 5 with 100 rooms available for plants.

No word on whether the green guests get Miracle-Gro on their pillows.