Google launches ARCore for Android

Google has launched a new augmented reality tool designed at taking on Apple’s ARKit software for iOS 11.

ARCore is designed to work on millions of existing Android devices and does not require special depth sensors or dual cameras.

Instead, it relies on a phone’s front–facing camera to track motion and is capable of estimating light and the surrounding environment in order to make virtual objects looks as real as possible when overlaid on an everyday scene.

Developers can access ARCore now and build apps for two Android devices: Google’s own Pixel and Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Google says that by the end of the year it will have expanded ARCore to work with a string of other devices from the likes of Huawei, Asus and LG.

Its aim, according to an official statement, is to bring the software to 100 million devices by late 2017.

Google has made the move just weeks before Apple is due to roll out its ARKit software for iOS. That platform has been teased this week by Apple ahead of its iPhone 8 launch event, due to be held on 12th September.



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