Freshen up your clothes in this new Samsung AirDresser steam closet at IFA 2019


Samsung AirDresser right), plus a new air purifier and stick vac


Samsung is out ahead of its formal IFA 2019 press conference with a few home appliance announcements. They’re all Europe-only, but the AirDresser, a free-standing closet that can steam clean your clothes, might have broader appeal.

The AirDresser is similar to the LG Styler and the lower-end, now discontinued Whirlpool Swash home dry cleaning appliances. The idea is you hang your shirts, dress pants, sweaters, and delicates inside these devices, which then use a heating or steaming process to clean them. 

The heat-based Whirlpool Swash was the first to market in 2014 for $500. It was followed a year later by the higher-end LG Styler, which debuted at $1,999.

Samsung hasn’t announced a price for the AirDresser, but it appears closest to the Styler in terms of its design and target consumer. Imagine the exec that spends a lot of time on the road, but perhaps isn’t high enough on the corporate food chain to have been awarded an assistant to handle menial life tasks such as doing the laundry or stopping by the dry cleaner. Business hotels that cater to that clientele are also a target market.

Samsung has packed a lot of capital letter features into the AirDresser. A JetAir system and Air Hangers buffet your clothes with fast moving air. The Jet Steam system sanitizes and various dryers and filters round out the experience. It sounds very similar to LG’s competing product.

Samsung isn’t always forthcoming with specifics for pricing and availability at trade shows, but it says the AirDresser will be on display here at the show. We’ll chase down more specifics tomorrow, once Samsung opens its booth.