Disney Plus will give you 4 simultaneous streams, 4K at no cost

Disney Plus TV app prototype Kevin Mayer

Disney executive Kevin Mayer showed a prototype of the Disney Plus app to investors earlier this year.

Disney/Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman

Disney Plus is still three months away from launching, but the Disney streaming service is already starting to take shape in contrast to Netflix: Disney Plus will allow subscribers to stream up to four devices at the same time, set up seven different user profiles and watch super high definition, 4K videos at no extra cost. 

And it will release new episodes of its original series weekly, rather than dropping an entire season at once, according to interviews with executives at Disney’s biennial superfan convention, the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. 

Netflix, on the other hand, pioneered its binge-streaming model of releasing all episodes of a series in one big bunch; it allows five profiles, and subscribers unlock more simultaneous streams and 4K by paying for a higher-priced tier of the service.

Disney Plus, a $7-a-month service set to launch Nov. 12, is the highest-profile example of traditional Hollywood digging in to compete in streaming against likes of NetflixAmazon and — soon — Apple. With tech giants pouring money into their own TV shows and movies and luring consumers away from traditional pay TV, Disney is aiming to create a single streaming hub for all of its family-friendly content. 

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