Democratic debate memes: Andrew Yang wants you take take his money!

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Third Debate In Houston

Democratic presidential and candidate former tech executive Andrew Yang got the meme machine cranking early on. 

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Just 10 Democratic presidential contenders are debating Thursday night, cut in half from the 20 who faced off in two two-night groupings earlier this summer. The participants are former Vice President Joe Biden; Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Sen. Bernie Sanders; Sen. Kamala Harris; South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg; entrepreneur Andrew Yang; Senator Cory Booker; former Rep. Beto O’Rourke; Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former housing secretary Julián Castro.

There are only 10 candidates because the Democratic National Committee had tougher qualification rules this time, doubling the polling and donor requirements. So there’ll be no Marianne Williamson or Tulsi Gabbard.

Yang wants you to take his money

Thursday night’s debates saw entrepreneur Andrew Yang promise to give 10 American families $1,000 a month for one year, playing off his promotion of universal basic income. New York Magazine spoke to one attorney who questioned if the offer was legal, but no matter, the sheer mention of the offer set off some social-media buzz.

H.Jon Benjamin, who voices Bob Belcher on Bob’s Burgers and Archer on Archer, joked, “Yang should have brought out a lottery machine.”

Health insurance is sick

Candidates also argued about the health insurance issue, with voices raised when Castro accused Biden of forgetting what he’d said earlier. Elizabeth Warren said Americans may like their doctors, but no one likes their health insurance company. Americans weighed in. Wrote one Twitter user, “Elizabeth Warren (is) channeling anyone who has dealt with an insurance company!”

Fight night

The candidates came to blows, with raised voices and arguments breaking out regularly. Twitter users noticed. One wrote that “watching the Democratic debate truly feels like watching a Real Housewives reunion.”

Define ‘debate’

But let’s all remember, the point of a debate is to debate.

Earlier debates have been meme-makers. The first night of the June debates featured candidates demonstrating their Spanish, and the second night included Williamson discussing placing a phone call to New Zealand’s prime minister. The candidates again debated later in the summer, when Bernie Sanders announced he “wrote the damn bill,” and Kool-Aid and Clorox both earned mentions.

Originally published Sept. 12, 5:28 p.m. PT and updated frequently throughout the debate.