Collier Landry from A Murder at Mansfield Talks His Father Killing His Mother

It was 1989, only five days later Christmas, and that he heard yelling.

Then, that a thud.

The 11-year old jelqing at his cherished Batman clock. It was :18 a.m. Petrified, he divides in the covers and fixed his eyes on a soothing painting of a sailboat on the wall. Footsteps surrendered from the hallway, paused outside his bedroom door, and proceeded .

The small boy did not understand it then, but he had just heard his mom, Noreen Boyle, being murdered inside their own Mansfield, Ohio house. The ominous footsteps came out of his dad, dominant osteopath Dr. John Boyle, checking to see whether his son had discovered anything.

It took months for authorities to detect Noreen’s body, wrapped in a tarp using a plastic bag over her head, under the cellar of a house John lately bought in Erie, Pennsylvania. He’d split the ground, buried , poured over new concrete, and constructed a shelving unit at the top. John was detained and convicted on a single count of aggravated murder and one count of misuse of a corpse.

In the documentary A Murder at Mansfield, airing on Investigation Discovery on November 17 in 9 p.m., Collier Landry (he currently uses his middle name as his last name)–faces his imprisoned father nearly 30 years following the offense, optimistic at long last to find out that the motive for murder from the man he calls for a”sociopath and a psychopath.”

Collier Landry confronted his dad John Boyle in prison almost 30 years later he had been convicted of murdering his wife, Noreen. During his assembly, John stated he”accidentally” killed her. Collier informs he believes that is”bullshit.”

Noreen and John fulfilled if they were 17 and 19, respectively. They wed in 1968 and’d Landry 10 years after. Just six months prior to the murder, they adopted a little girl called Elizabeth, out of Taiwan.

John, a well-to-do physician was”constantly on call,” Landry informs” He was barely there rising up. My connection with my mom was the sole relationship I understood. I was constantly with her… She was my very best friend in plenty of ways, and I believe that it was reciprocal.”

Noreen and John Boyle got married in 1968 and welcomed their baby boy Collier ten decades later. John, that an osteopath, was”barely around” if he had been a kid.

As he obtained 0lder, Landry started to suspect his dad was cheating on his mommy. But that it wasn’t until he fulfilled Sherri, John’s girlfriend, in June of 1989 who”everything Began to click,” he states.” They kissed and she had been sporting my mother’s ring. I told my mother,’I believe dad’s having an affair'” At that moment, Sherri was pregnant John’s infant )

According to neighborhood paper Mansfield News Journal, Noreen filed for divorce November 1989 later 22 years of marriage, citing intense mental cruelty and gross neglect.

Landry and his mom have been”best friends” if he had been a kid.

Just a month after, on the day of December 30, 1989, John came home late and dropped on the family living room sofa. In the first hours December 31, Noreen woke up her husband and”began yelling about different things, Mansfield, cash, Sherri, everything under Sunlight,” John says throughout the prison trip along with his son, as found from the ID documentary.” I pushed her and she struck her head against that wooden table”

He asserts to have tried to administer CPR, but”she had been dead, she had been dead.” “I place the plastic bag over her mind since I had been scared to check at her, scared to look at her.”

Noreen’s body has been found Jan. 25, 1990, at the cellar of a house John recently bought in Erie, Pennsylvania. She was wrapped in tarp using a plastic bag covering her head and buried two-feet under the basement floor.

The narrative he had recount in courtroom throughout the trial a year after was rather distinct. According into a trial transcript acquired by, John testified that he”never struck her at all” during their marriage.” No I didn’t [cause the death],” he adds. “I didn’t kill Noreen; I never hurt her whatsoever.”

“It’s all of bullshit,” Landry claims of his dad’s differing accounts of the night.” It’s bullshit since his story has changed a lot of times in the trial to now… There’s no concealing the fact that this is a premeditated murder”

When Landry asked where his mom was, his dad explained,”Mommy took a holiday, we got in a debate.”

The dawn of December 31, Landry woke up and ran into his mum’s bedroom. She was not there. When he asked his dad where she moved John explained,”Mommy took a holiday, we got in a debate,” as Landry recalls” He sat me down and gave me a whole lecture about how we weren’t going to phone the authorities. I didn’t expect my dad so much as I could throw him. I snuck off with the mobile telephone and predicted Shelly [Bowden, Noreen’s best friend].”

Less compared to a month after, on January 25, 1990, authorities detected Noreen’s body wrapped in tarp using a plastic bag covering her mind at a house John lately bought in Erie, Pennsylvania. She was buried two-feet beneath the cellar in”soft, white clay,” in accordance with this Mansfield News Journal. A green carpet covered the ground.

“He was such a control freak,” the overdue Richland County Prosecutor James Mayer Jr. Told the paper.” He desired the entire body right underneath his toes. That was that the kind of man he was.

John Boyle was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for the murder of his spouse and 18 weeks for abuse of a corpse.

Landry was just 12 if he took the stand in his dad’s trial. He told the court,”I was extremely fearful of my dad. I have [been].” One of those essential pieces of evidence that resulted in the conclusion was a jackhammer John rented prior to the murder. It was supposedly utilized to rip up the cellar floor, where Noreen’s body has been discovered.

One of John’s defense lawyers, Bob Whitney, advised the Mansfield News Journal his customer claimed it had been to get”ice in the brick sidewalk of his (local) house. He was fearful his wife and kids would slip and fall”

John has been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for aggravated murder and 18 weeks for abuse of a corpse.

Collier Landry was in foster care for 2 months, before he had been embraced by the Zeiglers.

Landry was put in foster care for 2 weeks prior to the Zeigler household, who dwelt in Ontario, embraced him. He was happy in his new life, but yearned for replies from his imprisoned father. He composed him frequently, actually offering forgiveness in 1 correspondence:

Dear Dad, I understand you are not planning to tell me you murdered mommy. I know you’re never tell me you cheated on her . I really don’t believe our family and friends could ever forgive you for murdering my mom… But should you pass soon I’d like you know I forgive you that I love you daddy never neglect that. I truly expect you encounter what you have done and recognize that it was incorrect. Much enjoy, Collier

His dad wrote back

I’m guilty of no offense from the own mother. Your poisonous”communicating” is much more aptly the merchandise of a local cesspool… You are imbued with hate… that you unctuous brat! You black coward! You are really wicked! We, hence, no longer consider you a part of our loved ones.

His dad wrote him calling him an”unctuous brat.”

For years, Landry had a recurring nightmare He’d”stumble upon mother’s body in the middle of a snowfield and dig it up,” he states.” I’d pull a concrete placard from the snow and watch her mind.”

It was not until lately, when he awakened with two-time Academy Award winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple to create A Murder at Mansfield, the picture dreams eventually ceased. “It attracted me a level of closure,” Landry, currently a 40-year-old cinematographer residing in Los Angeles, says.” To have the ability to tell my story, to affect lives, it’s shifted and made me evolved and grow me into somebody I think my mom would be rather pleased with.”

Looking for complete closure, he seen his dad Ohio’s Marion Correctional Institution, and enabled Kopple to picture the assembly. He walked to the prison cynical to eventually comprehend the rationale behind the murder.

“Why kill her” He asks his dad, as seen from the documentary.

“This is your chance,” Landry says.” [For] the reality.”

“Collier, I’ve told you the facts,” John says. “I really don’t know what story you’re searching for. I’ve told you the facts.”

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Collier Landry
Collier Landry, today 40, functions as a cinematographer at Los Angeles.

Courtesy ID

Landry left frustrated and disappointed. He’s eternally done with his dad’s”bullshit,” he says, and does not intend on talking to him again.

“that I don’t have any desire to,” he adds. “I came to do exactly what I needed to do and that I did it. Now I’m focusing with this chance I’ve been granted to do something positive for this life I have been made to lead. I would like to inspire and inspire people.”