CES 2019: what to expect from the biggest tech show of the year

That leaves room for the smaller players and drone accessory makers to showcase their products this year. But we can still expect to see some iterative updates to drawing tablets and smart writing tools from startups and industry-leading companies alike that make an appearance every year. A couple of underwater drones are expected to make an appearance this year include Navatics’ MITO, which comes equipped with a 4K camera and advanced stabilization. This year, Apple introduced its EKG feature on the Apple Watch Series 4, and other wearable companies are likely going to follow suit. The company showed off its MicroLED-powered The Wall last year, so we might see another version of that in Las Vegas. That bodes well for future competitiveness and, as a result, rapid iteration and improvement.This is a year where everything is getting more integrated. Over the years, gaming has steadily become one of the central focuses of CES.