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Researchers discover new ways to abuse Meltdown and Spectre flaws

A Concise Background of the CPU These processes, which they will have dubbed MeltdownPrime along with SpectrePrime, get access to their data and pit two CPU cores to fool multicore approaches. The group composed in...

MacBook Pro 2018: what we want to see

Apple has quite a lot to live up if it decides to release a MacBook Pro for 2018, both in terms of fan expectations and surpassing its previous endeavors. If you consider that rumors abound...

iPhone 8 leaked case design appears to confirm camera plans

A freshly leaked case design for Apple’s long–awaited iPhone 8 appears to back up a series of rumours surrounding the device’s key specs. As per a string of recent reports, the case suggests Apple is...

MWC 2018: Where are they now? – CNET

The worlds' largest conference about phones is about to kick off. So what happened to the devices we saw last year?