Bill Maher Slammed Comic Book Fans After Stan Lee’s Death, along with also the Internet Has Opinions

Bill Maher; Stan Lee

Bill Maher; Stan Lee

Being a jerk is a deeply-embedded portion of Bill Maher’s brand. The difficulty with this is that he occasionally bumbles to hornets’ nests of controversy and comes off looking like double the jerk that he had been earlier, maybe not some dull truth-teller. 

With a recent blog article on the web site because of his HBO series, Real Time With Bill Maher, he took on the memory of Marvel comic icon Stan Lee and lovers of comics generally. That was a lousy idea. {

Stan Lee enjoying everyone slamming Bill Maher

Stan Lee enjoying everybody slamming Bill Maher

Thanks for observing!|}

In his article, Maher composed the next:

The man who generated Spider-Man along with also the Hulk has expired, and America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired countless, I do not know, see a film, I figure. Someone on Reddit published,”I’m so unbelievably thankful I dwelt in a universe that comprised Stan Lee.” Personally, I am thankful I dwelt in a universe that included trees and oxygen, but to each his own.

Now, I’ve nothing against comic books — I read them now and after I was a child and that I was out of Hardy Boys. But the premise everybody had back then, both the adults and the children, was that comics were for children, and if you grew up you proceeded on to big-boy novels with no images.

But then twenty decades or so ago, something happened — adults determined they did not need to give up child things. And so that they pretended comic books were really sophisticated literature. And since America has more than 4,500 schools — that means we need more professors than we’ve got intelligent people — a few idiotic people must become professors by writing theses with names such as Otherness and Heterodoxy at the Silver Surfer. And today when adults are made to do grown-up items like purchase automobile insurance, they call it”adulting,” and act like it is a giant battle.