Beyond Meat meatball sandwiches coming to Subway


Subway will soon be the place to go for meatless beef.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat will bring its plant-based meat to another fast-food chain next month. Hundreds of Subway restaurants will serve meatballs but without the actual meat.

Subway will sell a Beyond Meatball Marinara sub in September, according to a press release Wednesday. The non-meat sandwich will be available for a limited time in 685 restaurants in Canada and the US. 

Beyond Meat has several chains serving its plant-based meat. Carl’s Jr., Dunkin’ and Del Taco use the meatless beef in their dishes along with a dozen traditional sitdown restaurants. 

Impossible Foods, the creator of the other plant-based meat, will also see a nationwide rollout soon when its Impossible Whopper will be available at 7,200 Burger Kings on Aug. 9.