Best shave Team for 2020: Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s and More

If you’re still buying all of your razors at the drugstore, you’re probably missing out. You can get better quality products online at lower prices from a shave club. The best shave club subscriptions allow you to choose the type of plan and frequency that suits your needs.By including add-ons such as shaving cream and gel, Dollar Shave Club, Billie, Harry’s and other shaving subscriptions hope to provide more value in price and quality than if you were to set up Subscribe and Save on Amazon ffor your favorite name-brand razor. Further, most of these services aren’t limited to razors — other shaving necessities, like shave gel, shaving butter, body wash and aftershave products sensitive skin are often part the deal.

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Also, a shaving club isn’t limited to the guys. After all, women shave too, and there are products targeted toward both guys and gals through many of these services.Interested in chucking your drugstore disposable razor for a monthly razor subscription? This guide will help you choose the best shave club.Read more: Best men’s skincare products for 2020: The Art of Shaving, Jack Black, Lumin and more  

Dollar Shave Club

One of the original razor subscription services, famous for its 2012 viral video, Dollar Shave Club offers three razor options for your daily shave: two-blade, four-blade and six-blade. All are under $10 per month for replacement blades and for the one-time cost for the handle.The Dollar Shave brand started as just a razor subscription brand and has now expanded into several lines of men’s grooming products, including skincare, hair care, fragrance, deodorant, shaving and oral care.For your first order, Dollar Shave Club urges you to get a starter pack, which includes two cartridges, a handle and shave butter for $5. After two weeks, you’ll automatically get a restock shipment of four razor cartridges and shave butter for around $25 (or more if you add additional products). You can customize both your Dollar Shave starter kit and restock shipments to include body wash, face wash, shampoo, toothpaste and a toothbrush.Though the Dollar Shave branding is aimed in men, I’ve purchased and used Dollar Shave Club’s razor blades in the past and they’ve worked well for my legs and underarms.


Harry’s focuses on simplicity, style and higher quality craftsmanship for its shaving and grooming goods. There are just two handles to choose from, and one type of razor cartridge. Its Winston handle is metal with no-slip rubber grips for $20. For $9, you can get the Truman, which has a rubber coating throughout and comes in orange, navy and green.Like Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s has a grooming starter pack for $8 that comes one razor blade cartridge and shave gel. Harry’s will send you eight new cartridges for $15 (plus shaving gel for an extra $6), every two, three or five months, depending on how often you shave.In addition to blades, Harry’s also sells face wash, post shave balm, soap and other body care items. P.S. I’ve also used their razors with good shaving results. If you truly want a women’s razor for happy legs, Harry’s owns a brand called Flamingo that sells them, but it does not offer subscription boxes.

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Billie’s ambition as a shave club is to provide quality women’s razors and body care products that don’t cost more than men’s. Women’s personal care products are often subject to the “pink tax,” meaning they cost more simply because they are marketed to women.The brand sells one style of razor, available in Instagram-worthy five colors. It has five blades and has a band of charcoal soap around the blades to help the razor slide easily for a comfortable shave.Billie’s $9 starter kit includes a handle, two cartridges and a magnetic holder to store the razor in your shower. The company then sends you four replacement cartridges monthly (or whatever frequency you choose to get the blade refills), which also cost $9. Billie also sells body lotion, body wash and shave cream.What I particularly love about this company is that it celebrates and normalizes women’s body hair, whether you choose to shave or not, with its Project Body Hair campaign. Anyone can submit a photo of their body hair, and you can see photos from others who’ve contributed. In a society that often demonizes any kind of physical flaw on women, this approach is frankly refreshing.


Coarse facial hair can be hard to shave, but kinky or curly hair is even harder. Bevel’s shave kit is designed with men of color in mind, to address their specific skin and shaving needs.The shaving kit mimics what you’d see at a barber shop, with a shaving brush, skin oil, shave cream and an aftershave balm. All of those skin products have moisturizing oils to prevent bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs on your face and neck. When it comes to the actual hair removal, instead of a multi-blade cartridge, you use a single-blade safety razor. The complete kit is $82 on Amazon, and Bevel will send you refills of razor blades, oil, shaving cream and the balm.


For men who love a straight razor shave, or who just consider themselves a bit hipster, there’s the Supply razor. This sleek single edge razor is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel and uses injector-style blades that are easy to change. Its unique design helps it stand apart from the typical safety razor. Oh, and the razor has a 100-year guarantee.Why yes, of course there is a starter set. It includes the razor handle with six month’s worth of blades, the standard shave setting, a shave brush, shaving cream and aftershave for $125. For just the razor, it’s $75, and new blades are $6 for eight blades — which the company says will last you for months.Like Bevel, the Supply single edge razor is designed to minimize skin irritation, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Its unique, high quality design helps it stand apart from the typical safety razor.Yeah, those costs are steep, but Supply offers you a 100-day trial. If you don’t like it after you try it, you can get a refund.Supply sells a few extras too. For $29, you can get two metal pieces that let you customize how the razor shaves. One of these “shave settings” is designed for sensitive skin, the other for a close shave. You can also get a beautiful, though superfluous, leather case for $39.

Ah, yes, Gillette. I’ll bet you’ve used one of its razors in your life. In response to all of these razor subscriptions popping up in recent years, Gillette also offers its own shave bar to help you save money.There are three tiers for men:Sensor 3 — $7 for eight disposable razors, delivered every one, three or six monthsMach3 — $7 for one razor handle along with four razor cartridges + $10 for four refillsFusion ProShield — $17 for the handle and four cartridges, $17 for four refill razor bladesThose prices are actually competitive with Amazon, at least for some of the products, and not all Gillette refills on Amazon offer Subscribe and Save. If you really want to “set it and forget it” with your razor blades, Gillette On Demand isn’t a bad offer.Oh, and for the ladies, you can get Gillette’s Venus razor on demand. For $10, you get a free handle, plus four cartridges. Refills — which also include four cartridges — cost $10 too. You can sign up to get those refills every month, every three months, or every six. For comparison, a new Venus handle with only two cartridges costs around $13 on Amazon.

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