Best Australian Prime Day 2019 deals: $485 Xbox One X, $39 Echo Dot and up to 25% off Nintendo Switch games


Get sweet deals on the Amazon Echo.

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Good morning, Australia! Since we live in the future, it’s Prime Day. Living in this corner of the globe is usually tricky for sales like this, but since 2018 Australia has had its own Prime Day, with its own sales. At The Techy Trends we have a massive suite of sales posts, some of which we may or may not be eligible for. But in this post? It’s Australian deals only folks.

Quick note for overseas folks stumbling across this post, all prices in this post are in Australian dollars.

Two quick notes before we begin

Firstly, many Amazon workers have gone on strike during Amazon Prime day. Depending on your where you sit, that may or may not affect your decision to shop at Amazon during this time period.

Secondly, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take part in Prime deals. Again, your call if you think it’s worth it, but there are sales all year round on products and Prime video is a pretty solid alternative to Netflix. I recommend The Terror, that show rules. It cost $6.99AU per month but you can try the 30-day free trial if you like and shop through the deals.

Alright, now for the deals!

Tyler Lizenby/The Techy Trends

Carn Amazon, you can’t take the full 50% off?

Still this is a decent deal for premium assistant.


This is your Amazon Echo base model, connects to Alexa, does all the smart home assistant things you might expect like check the weather, play music, news, shopping lists, etc.

The Echo Plus is good if you’re after high quality sound to go alongside your regular smart home assistanting (is that a word?).

Tyler Lizenby/The Techy Trends

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s smallest and cutest assistant. 


Breath of the Wild is $52, Mario Kart 8 is $47 and Super Mario Odyssey is $47. Nintendo games don’t typically go cheap, so worth checking in on this one.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market right now. If you’re looking for a console to sit under your 4K TV, this is about as good as it gets.

Sarah Tew/The Techy Trends

Look, you know you’ve always wanted one of these ridiculous scooters. Now is the time. At $538, you’re saving $351 here!


If you’re looking for a cheap pair of noise cancelling headphones you could go worse than this.

That’s it for now, but come back. We’ll be updating this post with the deals as they come in!

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