Batman Movies, Ranked: From ‘The Dark Knight’ to ‘The Batman’

The Batman is obtainable on streaming providers and — if potential — incorporates a Dark Knight even darker than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The Batman is a noir detective story that respects what got here earlier than, whereas setting Robert Pattinson’s hero free in a special form of Gotham City.Let’s rank the newest Bat-flick in opposition to each live-action Batman film, plus the colourful and frenetic animated The Lego Batman Movie. (Batman guidelines in any dimension.) Note: We have not included different animated flicks like Mask of the Phantasm and The Killing Joke, or 2019 bat-less spinoff Joker.

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13. Batman & Robin (1997)

This got here out after I was 10, and it was the primary time I left a theater pondering, “Oh, motion pictures could be dangerous.” The late, nice Joel Schumacher was clearly attempting to evoke the silliness of ’60s Batman, however completely missed the mark with this garish, overstuffed stinker — significantly disappointing is Mr. Freeze’s tragic backstory comes second to a collection of forgettable Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners. Just watch the ’90s animated collection episode Heart of Ice as an alternative.— Sean Keane

12. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

What else did we anticipate from a film that promised Godzilla vs. Kong? CGI, visible spectacle, poor character growth and being very severe. Tick, tick, tick, tick.— Jennifer Bisset

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11. Justice League (2017)

I genuinely really feel comfortable that is decrease than Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Having watched each inside a few days, I may see why Joss Whedon needed to slim down the large forged of characters and complex villain backstory for the 2017 theatrical reduce. The value? A couple of strains of exposition right here and there, reminiscent of, “A scout… from house? Like an alien military?” Sherlock Bruce acquired to say that one. Big cringe.— Jennifer Bisset

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Batman ’66 is pretty much as good or dangerous as you thought the Adam West TV present was. If phrases reminiscent of “shark-repellant Bat spray” provide you with a chuckle, you will in all probability discover the film amusing. But when you discovered the campy tackle the Dark Knight painful and disappointing, anticipate extra of the identical right here. Personally, I believe it is an entertaining departure from the norm, watching Batman frantically working round on the lookout for a secure place to deposit an explosive as a result of: “Some days you simply cannot do away with a bomb.” — Adam Benjamin


9. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

It’s 4 hours lengthy, indulged a fan marketing campaign and served as an commercial for HBO Max however… I form of appreciated Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Note: I did watch the horrendous Joss Whedon theatrical reduce days beforehand. Still, if something — and no, this is not actually a Batman remark — Snyder understood Wonder Woman as an inspirational beacon of energy and power for younger women and never a bit of eye sweet to be shot from the butt up solely. When it involves Ben Affleck’s beefy Batman, he did a very tremendous job as the non-public assistant coordinating the superpowered gods in opposition to the CGI dangerous man military.— Jennifer Bisset

8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Following The Dark Knight was by no means going to be a simple job, and The Dark Knight Rises generally feels just like the sufferer of its personal ambitions. Batman faces his most bodily threatening foe in Tom Hardy’s Bane, however the film additionally digs into the legacy of Bruce’s selections in earlier movies, to not point out a Gotham in dire disaster. It’s quite a bit for one movie to juggle, and the plot and characters stumble at occasions. But the highlights listed below are Hans Zimmer’s highly effective rating and Bale’s dedication to the character’s mission. The Dark Knight Rises is in the end a becoming conclusion to Nolan’s trilogy, even when it does not high its predecessors. — Adam Benjamin

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If you do not like this film, you are unsuitable. It actually is that straightforward. You hate pleasure and also you hate Jim Carrey. Almost as a lot as Tommy Lee Jones reportedly hated Jim Carrey whereas capturing this film.Upon its launch, Batman Forever was like this… tremendous film. It featured a ridiculous quantity of star energy and made zero sense in anyway. As a child, I liked it. Everyone liked it. Because it was a great film. Not a foul film. Ignore individuals who say it is a dangerous film.It is an effective film.— Mark Serrels

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Director Tim Burton leaned arduous into his signature fashion for his second Bat outing, making Gotham City much more gothic and absurd as he prioritizes pageantry over plot. Keaton is as soon as once more a pleasure within the function, however he is overshadowed by the villainous trio. Danny DeVito is yucky however sympathetic as Penguin, and Christopher Walken is extraordinarily greasy as Max Shreck, however Michelle Pfeiffer steals the present as undead agent of chaos Catwoman. Hear her roar.— Sean Keane


Batman Begins succeeds in its dedication to the Batman mythos and its consideration to element. It’s the primary Batman film to indicate us how Bruce turns into the Bat, not simply the occasions that set him down that path. Nolan understands that Batman is a mission as a lot as a superhero, and this film reveals us the essential victories — and failures — Bruce experiences as he methodically constructs the id of Batman. Everything that makes The Dark Knight nice is about up on this film, and it deserves a excessive spot on this record. — Adam Benjamin

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4. The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

This film guidelines. The Lego Batman is, for my cash, the funniest and better of the Lego motion pictures. Will Arnett is completely forged, the songs are magnificent and the story has one thing of a coronary heart, with real stakes. Dramatically underrated film.— Mark Serrels

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Before Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, we had Tim Burton. And in 1989 his unusual, gothic creativeness introduced layers we might by no means actually skilled in superhero motion pictures up till that time. Michael Keaton is an understated (and underrated) Batman, however the actual star is Gotham City itself. The set and manufacturing design are spectacular and actually convey the world of Batman to life. Jack Nicholson is a good Joker as nicely.— Mark Serrels


The sparkly vampire nailed it. Robert Pattinson may need been hiding in glorious indie motion pictures for the previous decade since Twilight, however his true expertise as a broody, reclusive, Kurt Cobain-channeling Bruce Wayne is on present within the newest Batman escapade. Director and author Matt Reeves respects all that got here earlier than whereas bringing his personal contemporary, noir detective story tackle a rain-soaked Gotham City. While its closing act lacked stakes, The Batman soars with vivid cinematography, memorable motion items and a clearly outlined, lived-in, crime-gripped world. Aggressively stamp this into your retinas.– Jennifer Bisset

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1. The Dark Knight (2008)

I’ve seen so many motion pictures mimic the opening of The Dark Knight. The cool surge of the digicam towards high-rise buildings, that jittery clock-ticking music giving you a similar constant-climax anxiousness of Dunkirk. The Dark Knight has acquired to be on the high of this record, as a result of it has the very best ever Joker and is extra like a gritty crime thriller than a comic book e book film. It additionally has a tragic plot level and — sorry — sufficient cannot be mentioned about how efficient tragedy could be in making a movie stick with you. Flaunt, taunt and hang-out.– Jennifer Bisset

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