Apple Watch Series 2 no longer available

Apple has discontinued the Apple Watch Series 2 range of smartwatches, but has kept the original Apple Watch Series 1 on sale via its official website.

The move comes after the company revealed the new Apple Watch Series 3 during its iPhone X launch event earlier this week.

That third-generation smartwatch is available in two editions. One with 4G LTE support for making and taking calls, priced at £399. And another version without 4G connectivity that costs £329.

It’s that latter device, with GPS and the same waterproofing as the second generation version of Apple’s smartwatch, that takes the place of the Series 2.

The first generation Apple Watch now costs from £249, but is far more reliant on a user’s iPhone than the newer versions of the wearable.

Its battery is also lacking compared with the Series 3, although it does at least work with Apple’s new version of its watchOS software.

Apple claimed that the Apple Watch was now the number-one watch in the world during Tuesday’s keynote, with sales jumping by 50%.

However, the California company has never revealed precise figures and still refuses to do so.

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Kya Gin Wong
Rex is Editor-in-Chief of TheTechyTrends and was previously Editor-in-Chief of GamerLive and China Watch Online. Rex has a real passion for gadgets, mobile, technology and business.

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