Apple readying iPhone smart dock with in–built Siri access

Apple is working on a new iPhone smart dock which will come with access to its Siri voice assistant.

Plans for the new product were discovered in the latest tranche of Apple patents released in the US.

According to the official filing submitted by Apple, the smart dock will have a screen, speaker and microphone, along with a voice recognition chip.

It’s likely the dock will also be able to charge a connected iPhone, although it’s unclear if this would be done wirelessly.

The patent was filed in 2012, suggesting the dock could even be due for an imminent release.

In June this year, Apple revealed its first-ever at–home smart speaker, the HomePod.

Designed to take on Amazon’s Echo, it features Siri access, as well as high–end audio smarts in order to give it the edge in an increasingly crowded market.

Siri is set to receive a major boost when iOS 11 launches, with changes to its voice function and improvements in how it understands questions from users.

Third-party apps are also likely to tap further into the the virtual assistant.


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Colman Ma
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