Amazon Prime Day deals 2019: Last chance for massive savings on SanDisk, Lexar microSD and SD memory cards


Hold a ton of storage on your finger.

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In the first 24 hours of Prime Day you might have splashed out on big-ticket items, but on day two it’s time to hone your focus on the small-but-essential products. You won’t regret it — there are some amazing prices to be found on Prime Day for memory cards. Amazon has microSD cards and larger SD cards on sale from SanDisk and Lexar, so whether you need more storage for your phone, action camdronedigital SLR or laptop, you’ll find a deal. 

One word of advice before you buy: Make sure your device supports the storage capacity of the card you’re purchasing. Older devices might not work with the high-capacity cards available today. You can usually find this information on the manufacturer’s product support site.

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Though it’s not the fastest card, it is one of the largest. It’s perfect for general storage for a phone or tablet, but you’ll want a faster card for 4K video capture.

The percentage off isn’t as good as for the 400GB, but having that much storage on a single card might be worth paying extra. 


The step-up card from the Ultra, the Exteme has faster memory for recording and smooth playback of 4K video as well as speedier file access and quicker load times for games.


This is a huge amount of storage for barely more than $50. Perfect for beefing up tablet and phone storage or for your camera (if the size is supported). 

Getting a smaller storage capacity makes sense when you’re shopping for a card for a camera like a GoPro. Plus, this price is ridiculously low. You can go the other direction, too, and get a 512GB card for $136 and save $64. 


Plenty of speed and capacity for burst shooting with an SLR or mirrorless camera and recording 4K UHD video. The 128GB version is also $24 off, which is a remarkable deal for this card. 


If you’re wondering why this card is more expensive per gigabyte than the SanDisk above, it’s because this is twice as fast and includes a UHS-II reader to handle high-speed transfers. To take full advantage of the card’s speed, you’ll have to have a device that supports UHS-II. It is backward-compatible with UHS-I devices, though. The 32GB is on sale for $27.29 as well. 

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