All the Spider-Man films ranked, from Into the Spider-Verse to Spider-Man 3

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Since Spider-Man: No Way Home appears deadset eager on bringing everybody again into the fray with all of its multiverse stuff, now is a superb time of revisit the older films and rank all of them!There are lots of Spider-Man films, so we have determined to determine which of them are one of the best… and which of them are the worst.Here are all of the Sony-Marvel Spider-Man films ranked.

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Spider-Man films ranked from worst to finest

10. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

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A bizarre parody of the sooner, much better Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, Spider-Man Three was closely criticized upon its launch and rightfully so. But the years have been sort to it, partly because of the reservoir of memes that advanced in its wake. No film — save possibly Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars prequel trilogy — has been as liable for as many GIFs and memes as Spider-Man 3. In that respect re-watching it’s a new, distinctive expertise. Upon its launch it was bloated and unusual, in 2021 it is an unbelievable quantity of enjoyable. — Mark SerrelsThe place to observe it: Spider-Man 3 accessible to hire or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, and is accessible to stream on Starz, which prices $8.99 monthly after a one week free trial.

9. Venom (2018)

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I watched Venom on a primary date and promptly fell asleep midway by way of. In the center of a loud, crowded cinema. My apologies to followers of the toothy symbiote.– Steph PanecasioWhere to observe it: Venom is accessible to hire or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, or to stream by way of FuboTV, which prices $64.99 monthly.

8. Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)


It’s uncommon for a sequel to outperform the unique, however Venom: Let There Be Carnage does so in each attainable approach. It’s funnier by a mile, the motion is far improved and the general story is significantly extra compelling. Plus this film really finishes the origin story framework began within the first movie, with our most important character lastly deciding to be the “the deadly protector” anti-hero Venom. If you preferred the primary film, you are going to love this sequel. And in the event you weren’t completely bought on the unique Venom, there’s each likelihood you may like this film much more.– Russell HollyWhere to observe it: Let There Be Carnage opened Oct. 1 within the US, and can hit UK theaters Oct. 15, whereas Australia has to attend till Nov. 25.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

All the work The Amazing Spider-Man did to arrange Peter as a rough-around-the-edges Spider-Man who nonetheless had some determining to do by way of his ethical compass, got here crashing in on itself on this sequel.Peter grew to become probably the most chatty and assured Spidey iteration, torn between dragging Gwen into his drama, rekindling friendships from when he was a barely acutely aware pre-teen (no marvel Harry was confused when Peter turned up at his door step) and exploding a poor man with electrical energy. Let’s positively not point out the more and more awkward scenes with Aunt May.As bloated and chaotic as Maguire’s Spider-Man 3. It’ll provide you with nightmares in regards to the Green Goblin and never for the suitable causes.– Jennifer BissetWhere to observe it: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is accessible to hire or purchase from Amazon Prime Video.

6. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

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In a post-blip world, this Spider Man flick does a terrific job of returning to the core of what I really like in regards to the films generally. The romance and awkwardness between Peter and MJ provides a very nostalgic really feel to this one, even when the remainder of the movie is extra flash than substance at instances. The results are spectacular, the twist is okay and Jake Gyllenhaal is a charismatic addition to the franchise — however what we care most about is Peter and his associates. Which is strictly what these movies thrive on! Yes, he swings and has loopy spider abilities, however he is additionally a highschool child with a loopy crush on his finest pal. Seeing him cope with that in addition to an element-controlling villain hellbent on destroying the world and the grief from the demise of his mentor? That’s what I’m right here for.– Steph PanecasioWhere to observe it: Spider-Man: Far From Home is accessible to hire or purchase from Amazon Prime Video, and in addition accessible to stream by way of FuboTV, which prices $64.99 monthly.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

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I’m right here to inform you that this film’s rap for being a reasonably mediocre movie is — nicely, it is solely considerably honest.The fittingly named Marc Webb, who directed (500) Days of Summer, made the entire first third of this film really feel like a small impartial movie. Peter goggling at Gwen from throughout the classroom. ‘Til Kingdom Come, initially written by Coldplay to be carried out with Johnny Cash, enjoying over the skateboard scene.And then there’s Peter’s Spider-Man actions really mirroring skateboarding strikes, in addition to being extra spider-like than his counterparts. Andrew Garfield’s stutter, jazz palms and normal endearing weirdness. The surprisingly attractive naked chest scene.Some elements of this film rule. If solely its comedy wasn’t so cringe and compelled. If solely there weren’t so many miserable deaths. Garfield is underrated and I hope he will get one other likelihood by way of the multiverse in Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 3.– Jennifer BissetWhere to observe it: The Amazing Spider-Man is accessible to hire or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, and in addition accessible to stream on Starz, which prices $8.99 monthly.

4. Spider-Man (2002)


As somebody who’s deathly afraid of spiders, I held out on watching this for the longest time, however regardless of some moments the place the arachnophobia bought its fangs into me, it is nicely well worth the watch. From the overwhelmingly theatrical portrayal of Green Goblin by way of to some genuinely shifting moments (Uncle Ben, I’m lookin’ at you), the entire thing was a experience from begin to end. Sure, watching it again now has me cringing at among the memes, but it surely’s a genuinely nice start line with some spectacular motion and precisely the correct amount of ridiculousness for a superhero film. Sam Raimi balanced the foolish with the intense — one thing extra trendy superhero flicks ought to take inspiration from. It’s not all solemn faces and punching! All in all, it is value it only for the performances from JK Simmons and Willem Dafoe alone. — Steph PanecasioWhere to observe it: Spider-Man is accessible to hire or purchase from Amazon Prime Video, and in addition accessible to stream on Starz, which prices $8.99 monthly.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

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It’s onerous to get enthusiastic about one other reboot. But when Spider-Man Homecoming got here alongside, bringing Spider-Man into the MCU, it was clear this one could be value it. In bypassing the character’s well-worn origin story, the franchise bought a contemporary feeling launch that higher served Peter Parker’s improvement and ensured a extra strong basis for the comply with up. Peter, MJ, Ned and the remainder of the crew made for plausible highschool college students — quirky and nonetheless new to the world. And as a lot as angst is constructed into Spider-Man’s DNA together with these spidey-bits, Tom Holland delivered a lighter, nearly irritatingly buoyant Peter Parker, just like the energetic child brother you’ll be able to’t assist however love.– Erin CarsonWhere to observe it: Spider-Man: Homecoming is accessible to hire or purchase from Amazon Prime Video, and in addition accessible to stream by way of FuboTV, which prices $64.99 monthly.

2. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

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Pizza time. The second live-action Spidey journey capitalizes on the momentum constructed up within the first film and sends Peter Parker on an unbelievable journey that riffs on the traditional Spider-Man No More comedian storyline superbly.It additionally boasts a killer villain in Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. The surgical procedure room scene is traditional Sam Raimi and stays completely chilling 17 years later. His battle with Spidey on the prepare is a visible pleasure too — No Way Home higher do that man justice.The tie-in online game was wonderful too; it captured the enjoyment of web-swinging round Manhattan to a level that wasn’t equaled till the 2018 PS4 recreation.– Sean KeaneWhere to observe it: Spider-Man 2 is accessible to hire of purchase on Amazon Prime Video, and in addition accessible to stream on Starz, which prices $8.99 monthly.

1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

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Into the Spider-Verse is so good, we’ve two entries on the purpose.Into the Spider-Verse is not simply one of the best Spider-Man film ever made, it is one of the best superhero film ever made, interval. The fast hearth tempo, the visible prospers, the razor-tight script, the pitch good characterization. Into The Spider-Verse sidesteps tropes and creates a world so dense with particulars it rewards a number of, a number of viewings. It’s as unforgettable on its tenth viewing because it was on the primary. An ideal film.– Mark SerrelsMark Serrels is completely proper. That being stated, Into the Spider-Verse is a lot extra than simply one of the best superhero film — it is an animated characteristic that experiments with visible aesthetics, variable framerates and groundbreaking strategies to current us with one thing utterly in contrast to some other piece of characteristic animation in the marketplace. This Spider-Man is saving us from the mediocrity of one other by-the-numbers animated movie. It does not damage that it is the solely Spider-Man movie courageous sufficient to let Peter Parker develop up and transfer on, both. Miles Morales eternally.– Sean BuckleyWhere to observe it: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is accessible to hire or purchase from Amazon Prime Video.

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