After 22 years, Ash Ketchum has finally become a Pokemon Master


Ash has finally won a Pokemon League.

The Pokemon Company

He’s won a few big honors in his time (he’s 10 years old), but Ash Ketchum has finally won a regional Pokemon League.

The hero of the Pokemon anime, which premiered over two decades ago in 1997 in Japan, has been working hard for some time now to become a Pokemon Master. He’s notched up an impressive array of badges from multiple Pokemon regions and won two major Pokemon competitions: the Orange Islands League and Battle Frontier.

Now, in the most recent episode of Pokemon Sun & Moon, the sixth series of the anime (the English version hasn’t aired yet), he’s won the Alola region Pokemon League.

Fans far and wide are congratulating Ash on his hard-earned victory.

Even Veronica Taylor, the actress who voiced the original English version of Ash in the first eight seasons, sent her congratulations. “Congratulations to Ash Ketchum on winning the Pokémon League from Ash’s ‘younger’ self, circa 1998…yup, hard work, determination, good friends, and a bit of luck pay off!” she tweeted Sunday.

Stunning work, Ash! You’re still only 10, so plenty more to come.