A Princess Bride Movie is Unthinkable, Westley States

Some films do not need remakes. When word disperse Tuesday that unnamed filmmakers wish to picture the 1987 dream adventure movie The Princess Bride, many lovers borrowed a famed line in the film and announced the notion inconceivable.

The uproar started when Variety printed a meeting Norman Lear, who made the first movie. In this guide, Sony Pictures Entertainment chief executive Tony Vinciquerra cites that there is always loads of buzz about remaking displays or movies Lear functioned on.

Well, such as Inigo Montoya, fans pulled their metaphorical swords and advised those prospective remakers to prepare to die.

Star Cary Elwes, who performed Westley and lately emerged in Stranger Things, weighed by tweaking a quotation from the Movie.” There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world,” he wrote in a tweet” (The initial quote describes Princess Buttercup’s breasts, as of course it did.)

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, whose spouse, Christopher Guest, played with the wicked Count Rugen, also weighed ” Well, I married the six-fingered man,” she wrote in a tweet”

Other buffs weighed in, too.” If they remake The Princess Bride, I will start a revolution,” cautioned one.

Calm down, all you Buttercups and Westleys on the market. USA Today managed to catch a quote from”a person familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly” who reassured the paper there aren’t any real plans to get a Princess Bride remake. Too poor, really. Fans could have had fun storming the castle.