A German Car Tuner Just Made This McLaren Supercar Even More Awesome


Novitec, the German pruning company famous for altering Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Ferraris, is now employing their automotive expertise into the McLaren 720S. 

The wide-body modification, what Novitec calls their”N-Largo” lineup, is a exceptional upgrade to some already lustworthy supercar.


The N-Largo overhaul to the 720S, making small but striking alterations to the glorious bodylines of the McLaren. Using carbon fiber, Novitec is incorporating an extra 2.3″ up five inches into the trunk, offering a design shift when maintaining McLaren’s first aerodynamic efficiencies.

Thanks for celebrating! {

Thanks for celebrating ! ) |}

Performance as a result of Novitec’s upgrades boosts this sexy monster up to now 806 hp, giving it a 0-60 of 2.7 minutes and a whopping 215 mph high speed.