This Australian Model Was Turned Away in the Louvre Because Her Outfit Was Too Revealing

When in regards to seeing spiritual tourist attractions such as temples and churches, it is common knowledge that there is a strict dress code.

But for ordinary museums? . .but based on a Australian Model termed Newsha Syeh, that the Louvre in Paris did not let her in due to her outfit, though they technically do not have a dress code.

Apparently, Syeh has been denied entrance into the Louvre for her ensemble, which was a super low-cut mesh dress which showed off her ample cleavage. 

Thanks for observing!

“Picasso could have loved my outfit,” she captioned a pole on Instagram, showing off the dress which stopped her from becoming in.

She also posted an Instagram narrative expression:”Yesterday in the Louvre, I had been stopped in the entry by a protector for my own outfit.

“He produced the most disgusted and dreadful gestures and facial expressions, swore in my to pay up, together with hate filled eyes ceased me entering. I was heartbroken, because I believed that the Louvre enforced this rule. Turns outside…it doesn’t,” she continued.

She shared a screenshot of a Google investigation revealing the Louvre’s dress code, which claims that there’s not any dress code, however the Louvre’s”Visitor Regulations” webpage does say it is illegal to”wear swimsuits, or be nude, bare-chested or barefoot.”